Announcing the launch of the Data Use Acceleration & Learning Report

Dear Data Use Community,

We are pleased to share that the Data Use Acceleration & Learning (DUAL) report has been finalized and is now available on the DUAL website: [] This website also includes slides detailing the DUAL methodology and model, as well as calls to action for implementers, funders, policymakers and country governments. Additional resources are coming to the website soon and will include translations of the DUAL report in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.

The DUAL Model

DUAL’s goal is to share best practices in using digital transformation to accelerate data use and improve health outcomes. The initiative’s findings form the basis of the DUAL model, which can be used to strengthen the uptake of digital technologies to accelerate data use. The DUAL model identifies ten digital transformation elements, adding two new components to the WHO-ITU eHealth Strategy building blocks: change management and data use ecosystems. The model distills the key factors of success for each element and recommends specific practical actions for countries.

Spread the word

To accelerate data use and improve health outcomes, all stakeholders in digital health, both globally and nationally, need to work together to advance and accelerate digital transformation in alignment with current best practices. Help us to share the DUAL model with key digital health stakeholders in your country and globally to increase uptake of DUAL’s recommended actions to advance digital transformation efforts. Help spread the word by:

  1. Sharing the DUAL report and website with colleagues and partners
  2. Making a presentation to relevant stakeholders using the DUAL slides (found on the home page of the DUAL website)
  3. Sharing the report and DUAL website through your personal or organization’s Twitter or LinkedIn pages.