DUC Treatment Continuity: The Nigerian Experience

Don’t forget to join the DUC Treatment Continuity call tomorrow Thursday 14 September @ 12 pm UTC!

DUC Treatment Continuity: The Nigerian Experience
Thursday – September 14
8-9:30 am EST | 12-1:30 pm UTC | 1-2:30 pm WAT | 2-3:30 pm SAST | 3-4:30 pm EAT

Come to this 60 minute sharing session to learn about the Nigerian experience with treatment continuity. They will share how they are using data/technology to support individuals currently within a HIV treatment continuity gap to return to services including activities such as targeted counseling and/or training on prevention and wellness to address patient missed appointments.

Immediately following the 60 minute presentation, there will be a 30 minute workshop to discuss the Technology Intervention Framework (TIF)

We will be kickstarting a series of 30 minute workshops on the TIF, with the objective of iteratively refining the framework with community input.

With the multitude of digitally-based solutions for a given health issue, it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the implementation considerations and impact of these interventions due to a lack of common language/perspective. The TIF aims to bring together different pieces via shared understanding to describe and assess the different technical attributes and capabilities of digital health interventions.

By attending these workshops, participants can expect to:

  • Share challenges when assessing the feasibility of technology-based solutions for a given health challenge;
  • Offer feedback on what technical attributes would be helpful to document/capture about digital health interventions; and
  • Contribute to the refinement of the TIF.

How to Join:
Join from computer or mobile: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 828 2453 9607 Password: 1

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If you missed the 14 September session you can review the materials / resources below!