Impact Squads - Now Forming

RE: Moving the DUC community toward making an impact

We want to make sure that we are moving and growing the DUC community in a direction that is meaningful to supporting real needs for HIV retention and LTFU. Our next step is to look at forming impact squads or smaller groups that can better articulate the topic, capture information about current practices and identify gaps and needs around these topics that we started to discuss at the last meeting. Those are included for reference below.

How you can help:

  • Join a squad by simply letting us know you are interested. (Reply to this post or email to let us know what squad(s) you want to engage with. The three initial squads are listed below.)
  • Recommend or (ideally) provide a direct email introduction to other potential squad members. We are specifically looking for M&E and SI leadership from Care and Treatment implementing partners who understand the technical challenges of retention and are in a position to make change within their organization.

Impact Squads - More Information
Below are a few links to more information about the impact squad. For example, we imagine that the impact squads could identify EMR needs for appointment management and the perhaps we can help connect the squad with ways to make those types of features possible.

Three initial Impact Squads:

  1. Appointment management and tracking - Current Practices & Challenges – For example, these activities might include outlining the needs for managing appointments.
  2. “Missed Appointment” Identification - Current Practices & Challenges
  3. “Missed Appointment” Resolution - Current Practices & Challenges

For More information about Impact Squads, see these slides.

We look forward to building these squads and making a difference.
Thank you for your support!
@jeshiver, @paul, @jdick and @Morgan.Smith

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