Important Updates: 2022 Meetings & NEW Introductory Event

Update for Meetings in 2022
As the DUC was beginning to host regular community touch points, we scheduled meetings on a monthly basis along with follow-up calls (Monthly Community Meetings, Deep Dives, and DUC Debriefs).

The upcoming DUC Deep Dive, originally scheduled for March 2, is no longer scheduled. These Deep Dive meetings to collaborate on advancing the the TIF will now be scheduled on an ad-hoc/as-needed basis and promoted across community resources.

As the DUC grew and progressed in their efforts, it became clear these monthly meetings were no longer needed to sustain the work and connection of the community. We will now host meetings throughout the month as needed, as it works for community members, and on topics that are timely for the work.

Upcoming Call: Listen & Learn Session: Get to Know the DUC - Wednesday, 9 March from 9am-10am (EST) / 2-3 pm (UTC)

The DUC will host this event for those new or newer to the DUC! We will provide an overview of the community, share ways to engage, work completed so far, and answering participant questions.

We ask that existing members of the DUC share this with colleagues who may have an interest in the work of this community!

Connection Details
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Meeting ID: 836 2217 8462

Password: 754960

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