July 26 - Identity Management Collaborative Session

Join the next collaborative session on Identity Management

Wednesday July 26
8-9:30 am EST | 12-1:30 pm UTC | 1-2:30 pm WAT | 2-3:30 pm SAST | 3-4:30 pm EAT

We will continue to discuss how countries are linking person level data systems together in a National Data Repository. Community members from Zim-TTECH in Zimbabwe have volunteered to share their work in progress this month.

These monthly Community meetings are intended to:

  • Provide space for peer learning on patient identity management.
  • Build community linkages between teams working on patient identity management.
  • Begin to gather common practices, challenges and experiences to be documented in the Patient Identity Management Toolkit

How to Join
Link to join: https://datausecommunity.org/meeting

Meeting ID: 828 2453 9607 Password: 1

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If you could not make it to our Identity Management Collaborative Session today you can review the recording, slides & collaborative notes page on the DUC wiki page for meeting summaries & materials

for your convenience I have also linked them below: