July 27 -- Collaborative Patient Identity Management Session

Hello Data Use Community!

The Data Use Community (DUC) Secretariat started to collate information shared at previous meetings in this collaborative document. We will use this document to plan for further development of a Patient Identity Management Toolkit; your comments and input are welcome and needed!

We also heard overwhelming feedback that it would be most helpful to have teams share examples/patient identity management work in progress.

There is a meeting coming up next week: 27 July at 8-9 am ET | 12-1 pm UTC | 14:00-15:00 SAST. We are looking for teams who would be willing to share, informally, on the points below.

  • A brief overview of what phase is the work in? (planning, designing, implementing, implemented, etc) What platform/technology is being used?
  • What governance successes can you share? What governance challenges have been faced? What solutions have been tried to overcome those? What challenges have you faced that you need input on?
  • Are there any governance related resources you’ve created or used that would be beneficial to share with the community? SOPs, templates, etc?

If you are interested in sharing and able to join on July 27, please let the Secretariat Team know here on Discourse or via email: info@duc.ohie.org

Please note: a message was sent to the community mailing list yesterday to announce the 27 July meeting. This email included the wrong timing. The time included above in this post is the correct timing.

Update to June 27 Collaborative Session

Members of the DUC have asked to collaborate with more people who are working on identity management so the community plans to work with the Patient Identity Management sub-community of OpenHIE.

This collaborative session has been updated given limited availability of some community members. We will still be holding this 1 hour call and plan to use this time to share updates on the community’s patient identity management work and prepare for a follow-up session in August on this topic. The goal is to share additional identity management work in progress and continue to build a collaborative resource.

Wiki Collaborative Notes Page

Thank you to those who participated in yesterday’s Collaborative Session on Patient Identity Management! You can find the notes and recording from this call on the community wiki.

During the meeting, an initial draft for the Patient Identity Management toolkit was shared. The goal of this toolkit is to create an interactive space to share success stories and resources for Patient Identity Management work. It was asked that this toolkit be shared over our community forum for members to access and make comments for feedback on the document.

You can access the document at this link to review and leave your comments: Data Use Community: Patient Identity Management Resource - PLANNING - Google Docs

Upcoming Calls

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