Patient Identity Management Toolkit - Next Steps

Throughout June, the DUC has been hosting sessions to get further input into the suggestion of creating a Patient Identity Management Toolkit.

Toolkit Check-ins
In the coming months we plan to launch more community meetings to check-in and plan more around this toolkit. As it begins to be developed, this time will be held specifically for the community to come together to discuss progress, provide input, and next steps.

Collaboration with OpenHIE
Members of the DUC were asking to collaborate with more people who are working on identity management so the community plans to work with the Patient Identity Management sub-community of OpenHIE to continue working on this toolkit and get feedback from additional subject matter experts.

We plan to announce these meeting dates soon so stay tuned!

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Join us on July 27 for a Collaborative Session with OpenHIE subcommunity for Patient Identity Management!

During this session we will continue to discuss patient identity management experiences and specific areas of interests. The feedback from this session with assist in further development of a Patient Identity Management Toolkit to depict best practices. Past work regarding this toolkit can be found on the Wiki meeting summaries page. You can also read a draft of the toolkit framework. This will be collaborative session with the OHIE community in order to broaden our discussion through influence of a wider variety of subject matter experts.

Connection Details:

Join from computer or mobile: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 828 2453 9607
Password: 1