Paul Biondich

Hi! My name is Paul Biondich. I’m a pediatrician, and a geek, and I really enjoy building communities of practice that enable the use of health information technology to improve health equity. I’m here to support the formation and growth of the Data Use Community, and I hope to use my experiences founding OpenMRS, OpenHIE, and OHDSI to empower health practitioners within constrained environments to use data more effectively to support challenging issues such as HIV Loss to Followup.

Organization: Regenstrief Institute, Indiana University
Country: United States

Why data use is important to you?

Health is fundamentally an information management business. Everything that occurs in healthcare is focused around the use and management of data. That said, we as a global health community have been slow to empower health practitioners to leverage data directly to help them better take care of patients. We need to move away from a culture of data collection, towards a culture of data use.

I believe that communities such as the DUC have the potential to shift the resourcing dynamic around data and information systems within global health from one that is driven by funders to one that is driven by the users.