Quality of fingerprint and minutiae

  1. What is the minimum amount of minutiae (8, 12, 15, 20, other?) that should be considered for a valid FP?

  2. How to count the number of minutiae in a template? With ISO format? With proprietary format?

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According to the ISO-19794-2:2014 Annex D.1.1 “The recommended minimum number of minutiae required for enrolment is 16 and for verification is 12.” so naturally this is a minimum and the more acquired the better, seeing as that most fingerprints should have at least 40 minutiae points to map.
Dealing with poor quality can be tricky.

  • Is it because of the capturing method i.e. are a lot of people having low quality captures?
  • Does it represent only a small percentage of all the prints that you have captured?

In the ISO format, there are fileds/bytes allocated to telling us the finger position, representation number, other details along with the “Number of Minutiae” for that template that ranges from 1-255 (not that numbers below 16 should be accepted and rather the fingerprint capture device should try recapture - case dependent). So by finding the byte in the ISO format file should tell you how many minutiae points there are,

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