Questions on LAMIS during the DUC Meeting on Continuity of Treatment/Retention

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Michelle Williams-Sherlock

For Nigeria presenters: why the two different systems? Do the two systems speak to each other? How are patients transfers, between sites using the different systems, managed? Are there plans to consolidate to a single system in future?

There is only one system, LAMISPlus is a new version of LAMIS under pilot testing in some facilities. On completion of the pilot testing phase, data on the current system will be migrated to LAMISPlus.


For Nigeria: How is the data-flow for the HTS component ? Are also capturing non positive clients ( people tested negative) ?

HTS services that are provided at the community level are captured using LAMISLite (mobile app) by service providers. Data is synced from LAMISLite to the central server and when facilities connect to the central server for data upload, a directional sync occurs to ensure that data captured on mobile devices is available on facility system.

The mobile app captures both tested positive and negative clients.

Tobo Okoro

Is there any plan to include a “text to speech” function on the LAMIS SMS? In most cases, people who do not understand english language would also not be able to read in their native languages (Housa/Igbo/Yoruba).

This is a very useful functionality to have. We will explore the possibility of integrating ‘test to speech’ capability in LAMISPlus.


For the LAMIS team: is this system a openMRS customization ?

LAMIS is an Open Source software built on a different architecture from the openMRS.

Thank you for sharing your responses to some of the unanswered questions from Tuesday’s meeting, @alexalozie!

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