Recordings on Medical Records and Continuity of Treatment: Meeting & Office Hours (Now DUC Debrief)

EMRs and Continuity of Treatment
Our most recent community meeting featured Medical Records and Continuity of Treatment (Retention). We looked at several national EMRs through lightning talk-style presentations!

Check out the recording of last month’s meeting on EMRs and Continuity of Treatment.
Presenter slides have been posted here.

DUC Debrief (formerly Office Hours)
Last month’s office hours (now renamed to DUC Debrief) saw the return of presenters and participants of the February DUC meeting. The highlight of this new call was that participants had a chance to ask questions and share their experience, and presenters directed questions to one another and shared deeper insight on their experiences.

The recording of this DUC Debrief can be viewed here.

Why are we sharing meeting recordings?
We began recording these meetings and debriefs as a way to prepare meeting summaries that we have shared via email. Because there was interest in viewing these recordings we are excited to make them available on the DUC wiki site for those who weren’t able to participate!

Next Meeting: Lessons We’ve Learned So Far - March 9
Don’t forget our next meeting to summarize what we’ve learned in our previous meetings so far and how we’ll operate as a community moving forward. More info will be shared soon!