Registration NOW OPEN - OpenHIE Virtual Community Meeting


2021 OpenHIE Virtual Community Meeting
5-8 October 2021
This year’s theme is: Further & Faster Together

Register for the 2021 OpenHIE Virtual Community Meeting
Registration is free and we are accepting donations to help cover the costs to virtually host this and future events.

OpenHIE Community Meetings have always provided a unique opportunity for implementers to collaborate and improve their knowledge of OpenHIE, share examples of how OpenHIE models can be used practically, and to propose new priorities. OpenHIE meetings allow leaders to come together, share, and learn about approaches to designing interoperable solutions and governance frameworks that can be applied to health system information exchanges.

This virtual event will comprise four half days of community involvement including:

  • Sharing best practices and proven solutions in health information exchange
  • Collaboration opportunities to drive the agenda and influence community roadmaps
  • Demos of technical solutions that align with OpenHIE Architecture
  • Opportunities for high-level networking

Join us to stay current on digital health trends and tools and to provide your perspective as we work together to shape the future of OpenHIE!

You can learn more about proposing unconference topics and showcasing technical products on the community meeting mainpage Stay tuned for our schedule of events!