Reminder: No Community Meeting Today - 2022 Meetings Update & New Introductory Event

As a reminder, there will be no Monthly Community Meeting today at 9 a.m. (EST). We sent a cancellation notice out yesterday, but the calendar invite may still remain on some calendars.

Removing the Calendar Holds
We recommend, going to this occurrence (or any of the occurrences on the second Tuesday of the month) of the “Data Use Community Meeting @ Monthly from 9am to 10:30am on the second Tuesday (EST)” and deleting this series from your calendar, given these meetings are cancelled. We will continue to send notices about this process to remove the meeting occurrences as we are unable to remove them from our administrative side.

Re: 2022 Meetings Update Details & the NEW Introductory Event
For more details on this update to DUC calls as well as to learn more about the upcoming “Listen & Learn: Get to Know the DUC” call on Wednesday 9 March - please visit this community forum post.