Scott Russpatrick


I’m the DHIS2 Analytics Product Manager at the University of Oslo, so I’m responsible for defining and the development of all of the core DHIS2 analytics features/apps (dashboards, charts, tables, maps, etc).

I look forward to hearing about all of the interesting work being done by the community members as well actively contributing to the conversation.



Welcome @scott! Look forward to your engagement in the community and learning more about you!

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Hi @jthomas sorry I could have added a bit more.

I’ve been working in ICT4D for about a decade. I started in Zambia as a PCV and later took a job with Akros Global Health leading starting their informatics team in Lusaka. That job lead me to work with DHIS2 more where I then got connected to the University of Oslo. After about 4 years in Zambia, I took a job leading the development of the analytic functionalities in core DHIS2. I’m also working on my PhD on global good platform development.

I am extremely interested in methodologies and tools that promote data use and enable better data quality for all users within the health system. Here at the UiO we are researching and constantly developing new DHIS2 features and apps that better enable this. We also want to work with/enable interoperability other tools that provide more specialize analytics/data use functionalities.

I’ve been meaning to join this community for some time, but working on the covid response has been all consuming for the past 12 months. It still largely is, but there is a bit more room now to engage more within the broader community.


Hi Scott,

We are using DHIS2 at Partners in Health for our global KPI data collection and some additional global and country-specific data collection. Some of our care delivery sites put their data into PIH DHIS2 as “staging” for MOH reports that must be submitted via DHIS2.

We also use CommCare and OpenMRS, but have not explored integration with DHIS2 yet.

Debbie Munson
Associate Dir. for System Design and Evaluation
Partners in Health


Hi @dmunson,

That’s really cool. I didn’t realize the Partners In Health was using DHIS2 in that way. Here at UIO we really don’t actually know much about the NGO uses of DHIS2. It’s a great thing that you can freely use it with out the necessity of the core development team being engaged, but it also means that we are not able to learn from your experiences and possibly develop and refine features that you need. The community of practice is a great place to connect with other folks that are using DHIS2 in a similar way or find answers to any questions that you have.

Just to also say, that the roadmap for DHIS2 is community driven so please feel free to post your request to the community dev channel in the CoP, or you can send them to me and I can transfer them to the CoP for you. Depending on what you need there is usually a good chance we can consider them for development in the next couple of releases. Also any bugs you run into please do let us know. : ))