Share your Appointment Management Experience

TO: @Appointment_Mngmt squad and other community members

Please share your experience and needs with others.

  1. What systems is your organization using for appointment tracking? (For example, OpenMRS, Ushauri and/ or paper)
  2. Describe where there are system gaps (describe where the system isn’t working or where work-arounds and/ or paper are being used)
  3. If there were no constraints on time or money, describe technical services or functions needed to support your needs.

I would like to find out from the DUC community if there are facilities which are trying to use specific appointment/visit times, or simply visit days? In the settings we are serving, do most clients queue starting in the morning? Can systems for appointment reminders help reinforce visit times or time blocks to improve efficiency and reduce burden of wait time for patients? We know that patients really complain about having to arrive early and wait, and yet we also know that its a hard culture to shift. In Haiti, there were attempts to introduce visit times (to reduce wait time) but patients came first thing in the morning regardless of visit time, likely because they did not trust the visit time.

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