Thank you! Join an Impact Squad!

Thank you to those who were able to join us this past Tuesday for the Data Use Community call on Engaging and Building Impact Squads!

Impact Squads are focused on thematic areas (Appointment Management, “Missed Appointment” ID, “Missed Appointment” Resolution) to identify challenges, create problem statements, propose solutions, evaluate and test ideas, and document results. Please remember if you would like to join a particular squad go here and hit the “Join” button.

Much appreciation to those who spoke on the call, especially @EddieMulwa @SVR @nkimaina @ewetzel @Wanyee and Osoti. Great value was added to the conversation by sharing your experiences around patient appointment retention. It would be wonderful for each of you to take a few minutes to share your experience here on our communities communication forum. Those in the community who may not have been able to join the call or those who may not have had a chance to engage you on the call to ask questions and share their experiences would benefit from this solidarity around knowledge sharing.

Special thanks to those who asked and answered questions on the call as well! @Gnyanaro @SamW @Dayo @nputt @Alex @jacobbuehler @Wanyee this type of collaborative engagement helps to continue to build relationships and our mutual understanding of current practices and challenges people are facing.

If you were unable to join the October 13th community meeting please find the slides and summary of the meeting here, along with resources from previous calls. If you have any questions please post them in the “Questions” category and join the DUC mailing list to receive the latest news.

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