Thanks for attending the February 9 meeting!

Thank you for participating in today’s meeting on Medical Records and Continuity of Treatment (Retention). This week we will send out an email with a meeting summary and any related links.

  • Here is the link to the survey for feedback on today’s meeting.
  • Here is the link to today’s Discourse discussion on experiences with EMRs. We hope you’ll continue the conversation!

Keep an eye on your inbox for our meeting summary message. Please note that you can find previous meeting summaries and meeting information on our Wiki. Our next meeting is scheduled for March 9, 2021 and will focus on Bringing it Together: Lessons Learned So Far!

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As a quick reminder, the presenter slides can be found on this post. More will be added soon!

The survey can be completed at this link:

We’d also like to thank the presenters from today’s call! @botienoh @ssmusoke @ckemar @alexalozie @limbani @Mzwandile and Gibril Gomez!


Meeting summary and slides can be found here: DUC Community Meeting Summaries - Communities - OpenHIE Wiki