The Intelligent Dispensing of ART (iDART) system

Sara Van Rompaey of Friends in Global Health in Mozambique shared their experience with the iDart system during our October 13th meeting. The Intelligent Dispensing of ART (iDART) system is an open-source tool to support dispensing or ART medications and also supply chain management. iDart is interoperable with OpenMRS allowing clinics to share information with pharmacies. It is currently in place in 200 health facilities in the country. A case study of iDart can be found in the publication Tried and Tested: Models for scale up of HIV Prevention, treatment and care from South Africa and Beyond. The iDart System was developed by CellLife. The code repository and screenshots of the system can be found here: iDART download |

If you have experience implementing the iDart system, please share them here.


Thank you Olivia!
We do have experience in Mozambique. The greatest breakthrough was when we made it interoperable with OpenMRS. We released iDART version 2.2 last week and it has been recognized and approved as a national system by the authorities last week. We are now developing ‘iDART mobile’, a mobile app for dispensation in private pharmacies, still interoperable with iDART (heavy) of the HF and OpenMRS.
Open source systems are the best!



@SVR This is great news coming from the Mozambian team. I have exprience the use of iDART in a clinic in Maputo and i must say it was impressive seeing it functional.

Please, can you share with me the source code of iDART and perharps introduce me to the team.

Thank you in advance


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@ggomez Thanks for your interest! I am figuring out which person in Mozambique can satisfy your request in the best way. I’ll keep you posted! Sara

@ggomez can you share your email address so we can send you the information? or send me an email? My email is Thank you!