Toolkit Matching Module

@Patient_ID_Mgmt Great discussion today to kick off the development of the Patient Identity Management Toolkit Matching Module. Here is the direct link to the Google document. The Community asks for your feedback and input as direct comments in the Google doc (please include your name) or in this thread.

A few initial questions discussed on the call today:

  1. Do these phases align with your experiences?
  2. What’s missing?
  3. Is this module helpful?

As a reminder, the Data Use Community requested a toolkit type resource that provides:

  1. Practical guides across key areas of identity management.
  2. A space to learn from others and see progress/examples in other countries.

This matching module is the first guide to be included. It outlines key steps for designing and implementing an effective approach for matching person-level records within and across health-related datasets.

The development of this module and the entire Patient Identity Management Toolkit is a group effort! If you have suggestions, additional resources or would like to promote additional calls related to identity management, please share here!

A recording of the August 30th Community meeting on this module will be shared shortly.

Hi there! Is the recording of the session available for viewing yet? My colleague was able to attend but I’d like to take a listen as well. Thank you!

yes it is available! You can find it in this forum thread & on the DUC wiki

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