Unanswered Questions from the August 10 Community Meeting

From our recent community meeting on August 10, where we discussed using patient record systems to generate M&E reports for HIV treatment continuity, many community members shared questions for presenters on the call and there were a few that were unable to be answered as we reached the end of the call. I have posted the questions below:

  • For both presentations (CiHEB Tanzania and CiHEB Botswana), does this initiative have implication for human resources? What is the impact? - @OBB
  • For the presentation on CiHEB Botswana, from your experience with merging clients (duplicates), what did you find were common reasons of re-registering clients in the system? - @Alex
  • For the presentation on CiHEB Botswana, is there a system of unique identifier or number that can be used as opposed to using names to search for patients? - @EveToo

Keep an eye out on our Summaries and Recordings page for materials from yesterday’s meeting!

@OBB @Alex @EveToo

These subject of your questions were addressed during discussions at yesterday’s DUC Debrief. We have uploaded a recording of this call to this page of the Wiki: DUC Community Meeting Summaries & Recordings - Communities - OpenHIE Wiki

I hope this is helpful but please feel free to reach out if I can provide any additional support!