Wednesday, March 30 - Patient Identity Workshop

Next Wednesday, March 30 the DUC will host the “HIV Data integration Workshop: Patient Identity Challenges, Solutions, and Lessons Learned

Learn more about this workshop and how to join on the wiki: Data Use Community - Communities - OpenHIE Wiki

This interactive workshop is designed to facilitate the sharing of different perspectives, challenges and learning related to managing patient identity across facilities. In this session, participants should come prepared to learn from others and share:

  • What needs drove you to share data across facilities?
  • A short overview of your current approach to identifying duplicate patients and the scope of any implementations.
  • What hurdles have you overcome and what do you wish you would have known when you started?
  • Share challenges you are facing as you mature and scale identity capabilities

Who should attend:

  • Countries / Partners who have implemented identity solutions
  • Countries / Partners who are standing up or planning identity solutions